Sharks Sardinia - you should know

Sharks Sardinia - you should know

Small sharks live in Sardinia. © aksel / Pixelio

Sharks in the Mediterranean

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Therefore, all statements are true regarding sharks in the Mediterranean on this island.

  • Long live the Mediterranean 49 shark species, of which only 15 kinds of people can be dangerous. The most famous are the great white shark, hammerhead and blue sharks.
  • All Sharks do usually in deep water and extremely rarely approach the beaches. Note, however, that the shark sometimes penetrates during starvation in shallower waters. The problem is that there are no general signs of lack of food.
  • Remember that sharks have met people as predator and are afraid of him. This leads to avoidance of contact.

So the situation is in Sardinia

  • Sardinia is located only a few kilometers from Corsica. And in Corsica often sharks have been spotted or caught. In 2010, a smooth-hound was just a kilometer away from a popular tourist beach caught. However, these are not dangerous to humans.
  • Eggs are spotted dogfish from the west often in Sardinia. Note, however, that this shark species for humans is not dangerous as well.
  • If sharks swim in the shallower water before Sardinia, then you would immediately notice this due to the clear waters and could flee in time. In general, it is also true that only the smaller species confidence in the swimming area beaches. After these are mostly harmless, you need have no fear.

Previous shark accidents in Sardinia

Unfortunately there were already shark accidents in Sardinia. Such a man was injured in 2012, who was trying to help an injured blue shark. A fatal accident occurred in 1721 in the north of Sardinia. Note that fishermen have often spotted white sharks. However, this was always on the high seas and over western Sardinia.

As you can see, comes into existence from time to time, contact between a human and a shark. Because of the rarity, a holiday can be enjoyed safely in Sardinia - the waters around other Mediterranean countries are often visited by sharks. And: A Winning the lottery is more likely to encounter as a shark - to the chagrin of many divers.

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