Silly sentences - so you counter the workplace

Silly sentences - so you counter the workplace

Silly sentences are inappropriate in the workplace. © Konstantin_Gastmann / Pixelio

Respond witted silly sentences of work colleagues

Stupid sets of co-workers are not only annoying and provocative, they are often very hurtful. As long as stupid comments relate to general things, it can be jokes that make the workplace more enjoyable. But most stupid phrases refer to people in the workplace. Silly phrases you should counter directly.

  • Should come from a work colleague a negative comment, because you might make a mistake run in your work, then you respond to this by saying that when his low effort and its significant performance probably can occur any mistakes. Only those who work a lot and makes mistakes.
  • If a work colleague criticizes your performance with silly sentences, then please reply that you wish to find criticism only by people who speak your work and even know what they are doing. Mention also that second-rate henchmen should presume no opinion on your work.
  • At stupid sayings that are on your person, such as degrees, age, or gender based, you should confront the colleague directly with the statement that is not supposed to put in wisecracks, his creativity, but prefer to invest in its work so that his job performance is acceptable once.

Company you release something against colleagues who cheeky phrases

  • Employees who knock against colleagues wisecracks, often have deficits in their own work or work performance. Show these gentlemen to these deficits.
  • Often see it are also envious colleagues, release the silly sentences. Explain to them that the envy not softened by silly sentences, but, due to better job performance
  • In incorrigible colleagues that you had done several times in vain attention to stop this silly sentences or comments, please turn on the council or the boss himself. For wisecracks can very quickly turn into bullying.

Silly sentences pollute the working environment. If you can clearly make this work colleagues who then makes work a lot more fun.

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