Simple fooling it-yourself

Simple fooling it-yourself

April Fools should be fun for everyone involved and not harm anyone.

Simple jokes for home use

  • Your family members, you can very easily send into April because they trust you very much. Therefore, we believe you without much questioning. Precisely because work here, too simple fooling very good. With false statements like "Your fly is open", "At the entrance door has just someone rung", "Your car has front left a plate" or "on your blouse is missing a button" You can your family any time of day in April . Send
  • Ask in your home all watches and clocks an hour before; therefore get your unsuspecting family members under time pressure and burst into hassle. If your loved one then want to open an hour earlier to work or school, please call: "April Fools". A gorgeous April Fool, which is ideal for the early morning hours.
  • Simple fooling around in the kitchen find your unsuspecting victims in the first moment certainly not as tasty as you. Swap eg salt and sugar. Fill your container with salt sugar and / or your salt shaker with sugar and set them as usual on the table. We bet you'll be a good laugh at the grimaces of your loved one when z. B. will take sugar salt in the coffee or sugar instead of salt to taste their fries ?!
  • Screw the strainer from the tap, and then place a simple, cold water soluble tablet food coloring (z. B. Easter eggs color) in the strainer. Turn the locking head with the tablet tightly. From the outside, your loved ones can change not see, and get a little scare when red or green water coming from the tap. A simple alternative to the hustle and water joke is the Tesafilmjux: Stick this the faucet with scotch tape to. Turns someone on the faucet, the water injected directly into his face.
  • A special showering pleasure prepare your family if you attach a tea bag with adhesive tape under the shower head: Colored water with a nice flavor, plus a gorgeous scent of tea, pouring over the "victim". Such fooling around chasing your loved ones at first a great fright, but rest assured; surely you will after all be able to laugh about it together at the breakfast table.
  • Prepare your toilet with bath foam: Fill a good amount of bubble bath in the toilet and do not rinse. The one who rinses used by the toilet and you will be quite surprised at the huge clouds of foam. Simple handling this April Fool is guaranteed - and on top of that a clean toilet.
  • There are fooling around, remind you of your own youth: Lubricate eg hair gel (or toothpaste) on your toilet seat or under the doorknob.. You are guaranteed to laugh gleefully when giving your loved one exclamation like "Ugh" or "Bah" from him. Counter-attacking you then gleefully with "April Fools."
  • Is it enough to you from not only send your loved one in April, you can verschaukeln your fellow man in the street. Consider this example. B. couple fall on a very busy place and look towards the sky on an imaginary target and let words like "UFO" or "killer bird". Stay otherwise silently stand and look surprised or scared of that. When people around you then scan itself questioning the sky, you shout "April Fool".

Funny April Fools for work or school

  • Ask. On your desk with a plate of prepared sweets Fill z. B. chocolates with spicy chili sauce or mustard. Your colleagues will certainly want to nibble on your chocolates: Biting then relish in, call "April Fools."
  • Simple trainees can verschaukeln particularly easy because they usually listen to your instructions without hesitation. Send this going on with the job, nonexistent things like buying about "a can of compressed air." After their return with an unsuccessful search loosen the April Fool's joke then laughing.
  • Send your entire class as a teacher in April: Announce days before 1 April a vocabulary test with the note that only older vocabulary is queried to. On the day of the test, then ask from words that have never gone through. Your students will make great and astonished eyes. Dictate then at some point the word "April 1", and enjoys a Facilitated faces of your students when this becomes clear that it was all just an April Fool.
  • Run your teacher (eg vocational school.) On thin ice: Change Two classes before the lesson your classrooms. Do the teachers then in the classes they believe that they were in the wrong classroom, and wonder. Leave the teacher's rooms, call all "April Fool".

Note: April Fools should be fun and the unsuspecting "victims" neither embarrass nor harm.

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