Skyrim: skillen destruction - how it works

Skyrim: skillen destruction - how it works

With destruction magic you can do a lot of damage in Skyrim.

What's destruction

  • Destruction is a kind of magic that you can learn in Skyrim. The other types of magic are Summoned, change, illusion and recovery.
  • As a destruction mage you can use especially damage spell. With these spells, it is possible to cause very high fire, lightning and frost damage.
  • You stands a variety of spells with high damage potential available that are thus suitable for strong opponents. However, you have the ability to destroy even once skillen - that is, bring up to use the spell effectively.

Skillen the magic in Skyrim

To skillen destruction, you must use appropriate spell. This is a lengthy process that is completed only at level 100. You can speed this up in Skyrim, however.

  1. So you should first have recourse to fire spells. These show up against the cost to be very effective, so you need to load fewer breaks. Furthermore, it is to fire spells by surface effects - and the more damage you dish out, ie, the more enemies you hit, the faster you rise stages.
  2. The best way now is to find an opponent who does not attack you and you can heal up if necessary. This is by solving the tasks of the Dark Brotherhood. The tasks begin with "Lost Innocence", which is available from Aventus Aretino.
  3. After these tasks, you can set up a torture chamber in the refuge. On the prisoners in this chamber, you can now try out your spells and leveling destruction. However, you should heal up the prisoners sometimes what you simultaneously brings some points in recovery.
  4. Finally, you should regularly consult the instructor. Because at level 75 you need for example to the master trainer in Anvil, up to level 100 to skill further.
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