SLR - advantages and disadvantages when photographing

SLR - advantages and disadvantages when photographing

An SLR has advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages of an SLR

  • Weight and Size: SLR cameras are obviously larger and heavier than small digital cameras. If you really want to shoot professional photos, you will also need always different interchangeable lenses that are used in different designs. The photo backpack is already so bring a few kilos, not for spontaneous city tours so.
  • No display: Most SLR although they have a display on which you can but can pinch back before the show a preview image of the current scene. Reason being, the mirrors in the chassis that preclude access to the photo-sensor to light. If you want a photo close, so always have to look through the viewfinder. The resulting image is therefore not bad, it is sometimes annoying anyway.
  • Dust vulnerability: If you need to change lenses in nature, it can of course happen that dirt gets into the housing of the camera and is deposited on the image sensor. Especially feared here are beaches and coastal areas, the sand is a really stubborn opponents. In the worst case, a pollution damage to the SLR lead, as it would have been better off with a digital camera.

The advantages of the cameras

  • Better quality: The clearest point of the advantages of SLR is of course on hand, the cameras deliver due to the increased absorption sensor to capture much better quality. In addition, they offer numerous setting options that allow you as a photographer to achieve special effects when taking pictures.
  • Different lenses: Thanks to numerous lenses you can adapt to different situations accurately. Each manufacturer offers different models which differ in focal length, aperture, weight and dimensions - the limits of the possible is here mostly on the purse.
  • Quick as a flash: With respect to the advantages of SLR you have to remember also that such a camera photographed at a much higher speed. Especially for snapshots in cities, where the subject is moving, which is a decisive advantage.
  • RAW format: This aspect probably counts more about the benefits to aspiring professional photographers. SLR can save the images in a raw format, so that no data is lost and the photos afterwards can be edited on the PC again.

Overall, everyone must decide for themselves whether an SLR for personal purposes has more drawbacks or benefits.

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