Small businesses and health insurance - so make sure correct

Small businesses and health insurance - so make sure correct

Small businesses can choose between statutory and private insurance.

Once you have applied for a small business, you are considered self-employed. Freelancers and independent contractors are free to choose between a legal and voluntary private health insurance. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Health insurance small business law

  • With a voluntary public health insurance is available exclusively on the standard benefits available. These are determined annually or reduced. The public health insurance companies have only a five percent leeway when creating their lines. It's not much, but you should, if you opt for a statutory health insurance, compare insurance plans on their rates.
  • In medical treatments and hospitalizations They are often treated worse than privately insured. Moreover, it is difficult to get treatment appointments.
  • Within the statutory health insurance co-payments and the standardized contribution to continually improve.
  • The contributions of the statutory health insurance will be charged according to the principle of solidarity as a percentage of the gross income of the insurance members. As a small business, you must provide proof of your income itself. As such, apply under ยง 240 SGB V your earnings from self-employment, investment, rental, leasing and some pensions.
  • Advantageously, in the statutory health insurance family insurance.

Traders in private health insurance

  • Within the private health insurance you get depending on the chosen tariff higher quality lines, such as no holding queue, single or double room in a hospital, patient choice, etc.
  • You can also determine the scope and sometimes even customize your needs, at least as far as your budget allows.
  • To calculate the premium for private health insurance a number of criteria is used, such as your age, your profession, your health condition. Of course, insurers prefer young, healthy customers running a simple (low risk of disease) and at the same time well-paid job. Consequently, it may be that the insurance is almost priceless, if you have serious health problems.
  • Unlike permanent, well-paid workers, the occupational risk is much higher for small businesses. Should the industry not work out as planned, you will find it very difficult to be readmitted to the statutory health insurance.

In the selection of health insurance is therefore not only the professional status of importance. You should put all the advantages and disadvantages over and proactively search for the respective suitable insurance protection based on your personal situation.

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