SOFTLUX or fabric? - Advantages and disadvantages as upholstery

SOFTLUX or fabric?  - Advantages and disadvantages as upholstery

Determine the upholstery itself.

If you want to buy new upholstered furniture, you have to think, from what the reference is made. Leather? Satin? Fabric? SOFTLUX? There are so many different materials and all have advantages and disadvantages.

What exactly SOFTLUX

  • SOFTLUX is a synthetic leather made of polyurethane (PU). It looks like leather, with the typical characteristics, but is softer than real leather. Moreover, it is durable and feels pleasant as normal PVC artificial leather, which is a clear advantage.
  • In addition SOFTLUX is very easy to clean and durable. It is sufficient to wipe the pad cover with a cloth to remove dust and coarse dirt. Once you have right spots, they can be eliminated with clean water and soap Natural. You do not need additional upholstery cleaner or the like, and may miss out on chemistry.
  • SOFTLUX come in many different colors and can be customized in this way your taste as well as your other home furnishings. But there are only solid colors and no patterns or mixed colors.

What to know about fabric covers

  • Fabric covers are well known, they are available in many different patterns, colors and mixed colors, so that everybody can choose the right one for himself and his apartment. Thus, the fabric cover has the SOFTLUX slightly ahead.
  • Unfortunately, cushion covers are less easy to clean fabric. You must be vacuumed to remove dust, crumbs, and the like. Did you get stains on the fabric, you need this upholstery cleaner or stain remover. Some spots even gets only an expert out again.
  • In substance sit easily be animal hair, you get out only with difficulty. Smells like food or cigarette smoke stay strong in these pads. In imitation leather as SOFTLUX you rather not have this problem.
  • Depending on the type of fabric and the fabric upholstered furniture are quite durable. Here, however, one should pay attention to quality, even if this furniture is then a little more expensive. From the price ratio ago SOFTLUX is but not really more expensive than good Fabric upholstery.

Would you prefer so many colors and patterns in your furniture, rather the fabric cover is probably something for you. Put more emphasis on ease of care, SOFTLUX is more appropriate. Ultimately, it is your decision so what do you like better. A small test seat in the furniture store could help you in addition to decide.

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