Solitary tree - Definition

Solitary tree - Definition

The copper beech is a solitary tree.

Identify the specific characteristics of a solitary tree

  • In a specimen tree (or a specimen plant) is a plant that comes in the garden art, or even in the hobby for use.
  • Best feature a solitary plant is that these are planted individually so that they stand out visually. An extreme example size could be an indication of a solitary tree.
  • Furthermore, a solitary plant also characterized for example by a special leaf color, while the leaf shape can be abstract, so she finally noticed.

These plants can be planted as a specimen tree

  • For planting extensive parks and large garden plots, for example, copper beeches are especially suitable. The striking leaf color falls directly in the eye, so that this tree can not be overlooked.
  • The Süntelbuche is furthermore a solitary tree that stands out quickly. An abstract form is the characteristic of this tree.
  • Would you prefer planting a tall-growing tree, which also covers blooms early, then you should make use of magnolia trees.

For front gardens, these plants are suitable as a specimen plant

  • Because in front yards or smaller gardens not so much space is given, you must not give up, to settle a specimen plant. Example, you can plant other magnolia species which are as tall.
  • The Rhododendron is also often found in front yards and gardens, where it is seen immediately. Therefore, you can also choose this plant.

Also in the hobby, there are specimen plants

  • Would you like to create visual accents in your aquarium, you should use, for example, sword plants, which are distinguished by their red leaves of other plants.
  • If you are looking for a particular leaf shape, so you should use the grid plant.
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