Songs when you are angry - so take your anger when composing

Songs when you are angry - so take your anger when composing

Take the music as an outlet for your anger.

To be angry is usually not a desirable state, but it should be the case, you can take advantage of this moment to create songs with strong emotions. For example, the composer Beethoven shows his strong temperament in his music. When Napoleon was crowned Emperor, Beethoven had then ripped the dedication of an earlier piece for him angry.

How to use feelings for your songs

  1. Are you in a special mood, try to exercise them consciously. You can try to analyze what properties these mood to it then incorporate into the composition.
  2. Just put in a special sense situation to the instrument or the desk and begin to write music or improvise. Most have it automatically reflects the current feelings again.
  3. Do you work at a different time to the songs, try to remember the situation in which you were the first ideas for the song, maybe you can even sympathize with the sentiment.

Angry - so it is possible to compose this feeling

  • Think about what music means to fit when you are angry. Often, several options are possible, as well as the anger can express very complex and often mix with similar feelings.
  • A possible remedy for anger could be the level z. B.. The power of anger is accompanied by loud sounds and harmonies.
  • And closed chords strong and edged rhythms can be a method of choice, while the melody is probably rather simple.

You will see that there are many starting points, but the end is important that you connect to your feelings of anger.

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