Sony Vaio format without CD - how it works

Sony Vaio format without CD - how it works

Formatting your Sony Vaio without CD.

To format your Sony Vaio without CD

If you have a Sony Vaio, you should reformat the hard drive on a regular basis. Repeat this about once a year. They increase as the performance of your Sony Vaio notebook. You can do this without problems without CD. Note that there are several ways to format without CD:

  • First, back up your data. Save all your programs and files to an external hard drive or USB stick. Remember, though, that after formatting all data is permanently deleted and you only have your operating system on the computer.
  • Now you can shut down your laptop and start then restarts. Then immediately press the F12 key. Ready for a menu of options is then opened and select the "Restore System" option. So formatted your Sony Vaio notebook.
  • Alternatively, you can also format your notebook over without restart it. Do this, click the "Start" button, bottom left on your desktop. Now select "Programs" from, then click "Vaio Care". Now select for "Recovery".

Find out more about Sony Vaio

  • If you have a Sony Vaio notebook, so you get easily restore the system without a CD.
  • You need to format an operating system on a CD, it goes without CD.
  • Sony Vaio notebooks have already installed the operating system when buying on the hard disk.
  • You should create a recovery CD. This is to back up your data and programs. To do this, "Vaio Care" and go to "Create Recovery Media" on. The recovery CD you can always select for formatting.
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