Sparkling with 16 - moderate handling

Sparkling with 16 - moderate handling

A moderate handling of champagne.

But how do I deal with champagne, wine and beer to moderate? The annual number of hospital admissions adolescents increases dramatically due to excessive alcohol consumption.

How do I deal with sparkling wine in moderation to the age of 16 years

  • The following criteria influence the effect of alcohol in the body. The mental condition of the people is crucial for alcohol consumption.
  • By stress or traumatic events, the effects of alcohol can increase dramatically.
  • Make sure that you have eaten enough. If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, the alcohol many times has a stronger effect.
  • The physical condition is also crucial for the effect of alcohol in the body. Moreover, to say the heavyset people can tolerate not equal more alcohol, but know a good physical condition, suggests that more alcohol is consumed.
  • Another crucial factor is whether you are male or female. Not always, but usually tolerate men or boys more alcohol than your female companions.
  • Often it also happens that persons under 16 not only champagne, wine and beer to drink, but also to consume alcohol burned.
  • The effect of the partly four times the alcohol content as compared to champagne accelerates the absorption of alcohol in the blood enormously. The health damage caused by hard alcohol at a young age are of great magnitude.
  • In the end, however, it comes out to know the limits and to know when the next sparkling wine is too much.

Effects of non-moderate consumption of champagne

  • Signs of excessive consumption of sparkling wine or alcohol can generally be dizziness, nausea and disruption of motor and sensory functions.
  • If you feel that you have been drinking too much, do not drink more alcoholic beverages, drink alcoholic beverages. Try to get to a safe way home and do not let such by others. As a celebration persuaded to drink more.
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