Sprained foot - what to do?

Sprained foot - what to do?

A sprained ankle is painful.

One false step, fold the ankle to the foot is sprained and you. The pain of a sprained foot is usually worse than the case of a fracture. Treat your feet now, above all, peace and relieve him, then the pain is gone after a few days.

Treat a sprained right foot

  • As a sprained foot is generally also swells, you should store it up. To relieve the swelling and the pain is getting a bit.
  • Place a cool pack to the sprained foot. The cold relieves the pain and the swelling goes away.
  • The foot should be stabilized. Either wrap yourself a compression bandage around the foot or dragging a bandage. As a result, the foot has less scope and primarily to inhibit another twisting, which can lead to a sprained ankle to further damage.
  • Even when walking, you should provide relief. Do you have a crutch in the house, you go with this, the injured foot must not carry all your weight.
  • Women should convalescence definitely switch to flat shoes. Shoes with heels weigh you down too much and the risk of being bent over again is quite high.
  • Although athletes can train, but the foot should not vote. It is useful in the recovery period thus weight training. Even when the foot is apparently quite well again, do the training slowly and do not overdo the running training.

Does the swelling does not check with a sprained foot, the pain is too big or gives you the foot no support, go to a doctor. It must be ensured that no ligaments or tendons are injured.

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