Statics of a roof - knowing about the calculation of static roof structures

Statics of a roof - knowing about the calculation of static roof structures

Roof structures must be safe.

The statics of a roof is already therefore very important because this part of the building to protect the entire building. If it is not capable of doing, this can be due to many different factors. Therefore, it is important when building design in particular that really nothing is forgotten, which is important for that. There are also provisions which must observe a structural engineer when he goes to the calculations.

The statics of a roof - special rules

  • The statics from the roof starts with the roof. This must be securely attached to the masonry. This is done in many different ways such as, for example, the compound of the purlins or rafters with thresholds. These are linked or embedded in concrete on the substructure either with steel brackets.
  • The entire roof is always made up of the support structure, insulation and paneling.
  • The statics may only be calculated by a structural engineer.

The part of the calculation of the static

  • In the calculation of the statics of a roof first is the dead weight of concern. This acts always in the same places.
  • Continue - depending on where the building is created - with the stresses around by wind and snow.
  • Even changing payloads such as the commission of individuals with regard to repairs or about loads can act at different locations on the roof may be included with.
  • Very important in the calculation are also solar systems to be built.
  • Even if this additional structures are to take place, this must be factored with.

To calculate everything here correctly and safely, the structural engineer is an important person when it comes to new construction of private and commercial.

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