Stove Opera B - Details

Stove Opera B - Details

A fireplace for coziness.

There are houses in which a woodburning stove and the Opera B is built only for heating purposes. Others again put him only as an additional heat source, and still others see it as just an extra comforting, cozy atmosphere when you can sit at blazing wood fire. Of course, such an oven but should also bring a certain amount of power to be his benefit needs. If you are one of those people who play with the idea of ​​joining creating such, you should be presented in more detail below, the abovementioned oven to be something to you help you with your purchase decision.

The stove of the Opera B equipment

  • That a fireplace can be very nice suit any decorating style, proves the stove as Opera With its cream-colored genuine stove tiles it is of course accents for his versatility.
  • It is equipped for a long term heating function. Very nice to see is the large rounded window that ensures an unobstructed view of the fire scenario.
  • The furnace equipment consists of high quality vermiculite. He also has a high-quality riddling grate and a separate heat compartment with glass.

The Opera B and specifications

  • The stove has a heat output of 7 kW and therefore has a heated area of ​​146 m3. It is designed for burning logs, coal and brown coal briquettes.
  • It has a weight of 157 kg. Its dimensions are 1130 x 530 x 450 mm. The emissions are the dust 29 mg / m3 and the exhaust gas mass flow 6.3 g / s. The exhaust temperature reaches directly to the exhaust pipe 275 degrees.
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