Student flat in Augsburg - finding apartments with good transport links

Student flat in Augsburg - finding apartments with good transport links

Cheap student apartments are usually very rare.

Areas in Augsburg with good transport links

  • If you wish to study at the University of Augsburg, the University District is ideal for you. You can reach the university on foot and reach the tram lines 2 and 3 just in the city center.
  • A further popular neighborhood among students, especially because of the low rents, the high field located close to the city center. Bus number 41 you can go from there every 15 minutes to the university.
  • If you have any problems with nighttime party guests at your window, you can drag directly in the city center. Around the MaxstraƟe see mostly older buildings that are well affordable despite its central location. In addition, the Royal Square, the hub of the tram and bus lines nearby.
  • Cheaper student apartments can be found in Haunstetten, a district which lies south. The University can line 3 reach, but to get to the city center, you should allow a little more time.
  • If you do not mind to accept a long way in the university and possibly several times to have to change, Lechhausen is recommended because there the prices are relatively low.

How to find cheap student accommodation

  • If you are looking for before studying an apartment, you can get a good overview at Immobilien Scout for now. After you enter your desired criteria, proposes the search engine before matching apartments. Note, however, that many apartments contain a broker's commission.
  • Also offers WG Wanted ads for apartments, which are not used as WGs. You can browse here or register and activate your own display.
  • Many displays can be found in the buildings of the university, there hanging on various bulletin boards Offers for student accommodation in Augsburg.
  • If you are already enrolled and have access to the so-called Digicampus, you will find on the notice board also a category housing advertisements.
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