Styrofoam: Where throwing garbage? - To disconnect properly

Styrofoam: Where throwing garbage?  - To disconnect properly

Polystyrene is often used in packaging. © Modellbau Pops / Pixelio

What is styrofoam

  • Styrofoam is known in the trade as polystyrene. But in everyday life you usually encounter always the trade name Styrofoam.
  • You know this material in his best-known form of foam form. Here he is white and slightly crumbly and opaque. Heat is here very badly run, so this form is widely used in the packaging industry.
  • Also, foods may be packaged therein. Here, however, certain conditions must be met.
  • The solid polystyrene can be dyed in any color and is hard, but also sensitive to impact.
  • Through various manufacturing kinds of different end products may arise. For example, there are also fine porous polystyrene and various colors. Even in the heat insulation of houses today are working a lot with this material.

Problems with the disposal

  • Since polystyrene is very bulky, plenty of space for landfill and removal is needed.
  • Since this material is very often soiled or contaminated with additives, it can be very bad recycled.
  • Toxic fumes, which complicate this method of disposal during the combustion of this product.
  • However, research on these problems for many years. There come new methods for problem solving.

In what garbage you should dispose of Styrofoam

  • Styrofoam comes in every home nearly every day. You should throw these in the yellow bag, which is namely by picking you up again.
  • Some churches are of the opinion that only waste with the green dot in this yellow barrel heard, but this is a mistake. You throw the Styrofoam in there without green dot.
  • However, very small parts of this substance, as chips that are often used as packaging material should be packed in a sealed bag. This facilitated the following Order.
  • For very large quantities, you can also bring this to the recycling or landfill.
  • Once you are unsure in which you refuse to throw something, it is certainly a good solution here to select the yellow trash, because this is sorted.
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