Sugar Art - Informative

Sugar Art - Informative

A cake with fondant

Sugar Art has its origin in the UK and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Sugar species is high sugar art

  • The master of Sugar kind are not only confectioners sugar baker. These occupations are also creating amazing artist. Decorations that are all basically edible, are made exclusively from sugar.
  • Some Sugar Art artists also use isomalt, a sugar substitute, for their enchanting cake decorations. The advantage of this, of course, also edible, sugar is that isomalt can form well at lower processing temperatures.
  • Among the techniques of this art form is one of the sugar bubbles. Here, the pastry chefs and confectioners have copied the procedure when the glass blowers. As the glass blower can form beautiful vases and beads of glass, so it can also be the master of sweet bakery with sugar.
  • Even the sugar pulling one of this art form. The candy maker capable of this type of sugar processing perfect. The colorful lollipops with floral patterns that act so nostalgic, come from these artistically gifted hands.

Modeled Sugar Art

  • Ever-increasing popularity, the art of cake decorating with fondant. This form Sugar Art is easy to learn and implement for you. Again, it is almost pure sugar. However, a mass produced in this type of sugar processing, which is malleable as plasticine or pottery mass.
  • The topics cakes or also called Motivtorten are very popular not only among children. The most famous motif pie is certainly a wedding cake. Experienced artist form sugar from the fondant all possible objects. Doves and rings for the wedding cake, teddy bears and trains for a child's birthday, ghosts and monsters for Halloween or hearts and roses for Valentine's Day.

You can easily produce even a fondant and use them to garnish your own beautiful cakes and pies to Sugar Art and decorate.

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