Summer job at the post office - so you are applying correctly

Summer job at the post office - so you are applying correctly

Ask at the post office after summer jobs.

A summer job at the Yellow Giant

  • Summer jobs at the post office can be found in the field as a mail carrier or in the office in the letter or parcel center.
  • Apply. For a summer job as a mail carrier on the next delivery depot in your city Just ask your postman for the appropriate phone number and you call them.
  • If you live near a mail center or a parcel center, including a summer job is in the office at the post in question.
  • Call us at the respective personnel office and ask for the person in charge or just go directly to the parcel and mail center and ask by yourself.
  • Discuss with the person responsible a job interview, even if you still can not make a firm commitment. Did he ever seen and noted your address, so there will always be occasions when other their summer job not taken up or cancel it and will be happy to fall back on you.

Working at the post office

  • If you are applying for a summer job as a postman at the post office, you convey that you do not shy away from hard physical work and that you are willing to be on the road in wind and weather. But do not imagine as the cool extreme athlete, this might already seem implausible again.
  • If you have a driver's license, enter the in any case.
  • Your chances of getting a summer job in the office, go up if they are willing to work in night shift.
  • Once you get a summer job at the post office and have this carried out to the satisfaction of your superiors, there is a good chance that you will be asked again and again.
  • Then you can get not only a summer job at the post office, but it is likely that you will also be used over and over again in the high season, such as Christmas and Easter, if they fall ill or on weekends.
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