Super hero as a woman - mark Tips

Super hero as a woman - mark Tips

Superheroes wear while operating can be a costume.

What is a superhero?

A superhero is a fictional character. They often have superhuman strength, bold and intelligent.Viele can fly, have sharpened senses or can hurl lightning bolts.

  • Morally Superheroes are highly developed. They are always helpful even to self-sacrifice. They kill their opponents only when it is absolutely necessary. The struggle heroes are often the latest high-tech weapons.
  • The life of a superhero is marked by adventure and looking for challenges. The sense of justice is strong among them.
  • A superhero, whether man or woman, has almost always been a secret identity and therefore contributes inserts a costume with mask. Indispensable is also a close friend and companion, often a computer geek or genius inventor.

To draw the woman

  • If you want to draw a woman as a superhero, you must decide what type of hero you should embody themselves first. There's an attractive young athletic woman with hourglass silhouette. She is familiar with several Asian martial arts, weapons, money has in abundance, and handles any man around her little finger. Such a figure you draw very slim with long, slender legs and narrow shoulders. The hair is cut in the latest fashion. The face is very petite with a small nose and small mouth, the eyes are emphasized. She wears jewelry. The superhero costume is skin tight, stressed muscles and feminine charms. In everyday life, your character wears clothes in the latest fashion.
  • Then there's Ottilie average consumer, the ordinary housewife and mother of several children often. In an emergency, you will be the superhero. It is often in middle age and in everyday life has nothing special about it: 0815 - hair and clothes, often somewhat corpulent. In battle, they often use unconventional means. Draw a woman with normal proportions in casual clothes. The costume can be tight-fitting here. But then often shows a slightly chubby, awkward figure. It is often in middle age and in everyday life has nothing special about it.
  • The third type of female superhero is the warrior. She always carries weapons, often oversized large, and a kind of uniform. You can tell by looking that her purpose in life is to fight. She is very muscular and often attractive. Your home is the wilderness. She is courageous, determined and differs from any fight. This woman do not need a costume. Your regular clothes is best suited for combat. Often, a short skirt or pants and a top in the army look. If it is an ancient warrior, even just a little fur. Under the clothes and the often tangled, thick hair but the female figure and the female pretty face to guess.

Start as you draw best with a dash woman, who then can gradually get muscles. Draw before only with thin strokes. The final lines pull down significantly. Make sure when clothes on the right folds. Lastly, the equipment such as weapons, get high - tech, motorcycle, mount, etc. to the series. If you wish, you can colorieren your superhero course or draw a suitable background to it.

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