Sweep elephant skin - so you should proceed

Sweep elephant skin - so you should proceed

Wallpapers for protection with a washable elephant skin stress © KFM / Pixelio

Schedule later work before painting with elephant skin

Wherever walls are stressed -. For example, in kitchens, staircases, nurseries, etc. - makes the painting over the wallpaper with washable elephant skin sense. Even before the strike, you should plan the work that will be needed later to remove the elephant skin.

  1. Before decorating you should paint the walls with deep groundwater or a wallpaper primer. This makes it easier later removal of wallpaper when re-Improvement is needed.
  2. Lighter than woodchip wallpaper or wallpaper can replace later nonwoven wallpaper, if you want to paint over with elephant skin.
  3. If woodchip wallpaper or have been installed without changing basic and recoated with elephant skin, can be facilitated with a spiked roller peeling. These rollers have small barbs penetrate the skin including the elephant wallpaper and tear into small holes.
  4. The so torn wallpaper you can now sweep with a wallpaper stripper or even with water. After exposure to the peeling easier.

Paint over elephant skin with emulsion paint

Before you start painting over the wall, you should protect baseboards and floors with suitable adhesive tapes and films in order to avoid contamination.

  1. Before recoating of elephant skin you need to apply a primer. In the hardware store or paint supply dealers will advise you on this.
  2. Alternatively, the primer can be used highly diluted emulsion paint. This thin layer represents a bonding layer to which the paint is applied later.
  3. Are primer or diluted emulsion paint dry, you can paint over the treated area with an undiluted emulsion paint.
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