Tadpoles - so successful rearing

Tadpoles - so successful rearing

Tadpoles need a very small feed.

Tadpoles develop very quickly.

Aquarium, water and temperature

  • For breeding, you should use a basin that is sufficiently large. Depending on the number of animals can reach a small pool. At a liter of water not more than five tadpoles to come.
  • As the site is suitable, a bright and light-filled space. However, the pool can not stand all day in the sun. The water temperature in the tank should not be more than 35 degrees also. To fill up distilled water is best.
  • If you want, you can give the ground a little aquarium gravel and put some plants, such as the waterweed, into the pool. Also, roots and larger stones are suitable.

Food for the tadpoles

  • In order to promote good development, you also need food for the tadpoles. It is easiest if you use a simple for feeding dry food in the form of flakes for goldfish is.
  • Choose from a plant variety and crush the flakes before the food thoroughly. From this middlings now enter twice to three times a day, only a small amount into the basin. In addition to this feed, you can feed a crushed spirulina tablet every two days.

Water changes and maintenance during the breeding

  • Since the tadpoles exudates released into the water, regular water changes for you to be understood. You should replace about half of the water and also clean the floor thoroughly. You can rid of dirt with a vacuum cleaning again.
  • When the tadpoles slowly larger, then you should also increase the amount of food. Exactly how much is needed, you can easily determine. If after feeding still feed in the water, then the amount is too much. Is the feed but completely eaten within a short time, enter into something more.
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