Take the motorcycle curves learn - two simple exercises

Take the motorcycle curves learn - two simple exercises

Practice cornering. © Niko Korte / Pixelio

Many beginners find it very difficult to drive a motorcycle curves. Here, the curves is particularly fascinating ride for motorcycle enthusiasts. With a little practice, you can learn but safely negotiating curves.

Learn exercises go to the curves with the motorcycle

To learn how to ride a motorbike curves, you should be an open space, such as an unused parking lot looking for. In any case, you should do your exercises in flowing traffic.

  1. First, you go straight a little bit and then drive at a low speed in a circle. This circle drive several times, thereby increasing the speed continuously.
  2. In this exercise, you will feel that you need to put more into the curve at a higher speed. With practice, you get a feel for it but relatively quickly.
  3. Then do the same exercise, but the other way around. Almost every bike has a page on which it is better.

To illustrate this, you may also be drawn across the rear tires a line with chalk. This lets you know in which direction you may have a greater tendency afterwards.

Another exercise to be safe

After you have completed the first exercise on your motorcycle, you can make a little more difficult exercise.

  1. In this exercise, you not only ride in a circle, but you should take a night. In this exercise, you learn both curves left and right curves in exchange to pass through.
  2. Between direction changes, you must set up the bike again and again.
  3. Even when learning to ride a night, you should first start slowly and later slightly increase the speed.

You will probably learn the exercises go to the curves already happen soon be quite boring. That should not stop you from ever learning but. Only if you have a good command your motorcycle through the corners, you will later have a lot of fun to drive.

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