Tattoo - costs for the inscription

Tattoo - costs for the inscription

A logo is usually designed monochrome.

Make lettering for a tattoo

  • A logo is a very common tattoo as a lettering can be adapted to almost any part of the body and its meaning is achieved less by the subject itself rather than by the words. Whether it is the names of specific people or the best line from your favorite song, a logo as a tattoo may carry many meanings.
  • The most important factor in designing a logo is the font. This also determines how complicated the tattoo is to sting. Very delicate and ornate fonts require a more careful work and therefore take longer. In most cases, a logo in Black is tattooed, but of course it can also be colored or have colored ornaments.

Count the cost

  • The cost of a tattoo you can clarify with your tattoo artist, as calculated here every studio and every artist a different pattern its labor costs. Some artists take a fixed hourly wage, others make flat rates depending on the size of the subject and the expected ink consumption. In general it can be said, then, the larger and / or more complex should be your subject, the more expensive it becomes.
  • In general, you must pay a deposit of 50 € required upon appointment. This is also the minimum amount for a small tattoo, it is not usually effective.
  • The hourly wage moves frequently in areas around € 100 / hr. For the lettering should cover the forearm example, you can expect about 2 hours of work if the writing is not very complex. Therefore, prices of around 200 € for this are normal.
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