The address correctly write on an envelope - Keep the font fields correctly

The address correctly write on an envelope - Keep the font fields correctly

Place the address correctly, your letter comes on time to its destination. © Verena_N. / Pixelio

The illegible writing an address possibly leads to delayed delivery

  • Without the adherence to some important rules it would be unthinkable that letters arrive within a day at its receiver. To ensure this, we need modern grading lines that read automatically, where the journey of each letter should go. So you complicate the detection of an address unnecessarily, you should write legibly and also be sure to put the correct address.
  • Illegible handwriting or attached to the wrong places recipient information suggests that the envelope in question is rejected and must be decoded separately. This entails delays for which, depending on how often such special treatments occur in a sorting process, not only prevents the timely delivery of the relevant letters, but also attracts the compliant addressed deliveries affected.
  • So wear self-care that a labeled envelope by you to comply with the simplest rules and thus not one of those counts, which can be delivered only possibly be delayed.

How to put the correct address - make the address field above

  1. Place the envelope to be inscribed in front of him on the table.
  2. In order to position the address correct, tighten mentally or by using a ruler and pencil, the outline of the reading field - in this area looking into the camera of sorting the respective address - by about 15 mm from the right and left and from the bottom of envelope each set a limit. About these endpoints to write address should not go.
  3. Now drag for about 40 mm from the top of the last boundary line, so you have narrowed the address field.
  4. Now pay attention still on the address to write left-justified in the text field, you have your part done everything to ensure that your letter the day after the task is received by the addressee.

So you really do everything right, you should set the sender in the upper left area again with 15 mm square distance from the top and left edges and also make sure that the lines do not exceed half of the envelope. For the necessary stamp the upper right corner of the envelope is provided.

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