The currency of Norway - information on the Norwegian Krone

The currency of Norway - information on the Norwegian Krone

Norway has the crown as its currency. © Uwe_Kunze / Pixelio

Norway and the crown

Norway is not part of the EU and of course a fortiori the euro zone.

  • Norway, with its nearly 5 million inhabitants exerts many tourists from a strong attraction, so go every year several million in the northern European country to experience the impressive nature, including many German. Pay must then take the crown
  • The crown has been since 1875 the official currency in the land of fjords. The small coins called Øre hundred Øre correspond to a crown, the Øre coins of inflation are not more because now in circulation.

The king on the currency

As in any national currency coins and notes exist.

  • Coins are in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and 20 crowns, each a different size, different weights and different thicknesses. As befits a monarchy, King of Norway Harld V. equals mapped to several of dollars, namely the 10- and 20-krone coin. The 1-crown coin again adorns the royal initials.
  • The largest bill, the 1000 crowns bill, on the other hand great painter Edvard Munch is on the front of Norway's honor. Munch is only because of his painting "The Scream", which exists in several versions, known to most people. The back of the note sheet but another of his major works, namely "The Sun". In addition to the 1000 crowns bill, there are bills worth 50, 100, 200 and 500 crowns. On these scientists are also artists, but ready.
  • For a long time, most Germans probably dealt only with the Norwegian crown if they wanted to take a vacation in the Nordic countries, but for some time there is for some yet another reason to devote himself to the currency. Since the two Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden are financially relatively healthy, thinks that is in the current Euro crisis because some investors to invest a portion of its assets in Swedish or Norwegian kroner up.

For one or the other Germans the crown could be interesting for other reasons, namely when he finds a job in the northernmost state of the Scandinavian peninsula, and therefore plans to emigrate.

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