The Miners as a health insurance - knowing about their role as legal ...

The Miners as a health insurance - knowing about their role as legal ...

A good health insurance that everyone should have.

Even someone who changes his health insurance company that is able to negotiate for a lower contribution - for the posts in the various statutory health insurance have become common. However, employee benefits may well be different.

The Miners than the statutory health insurance

  • In the Miners, and the German Pension Insurance for Miners underground lake, there is a special feature that it is not just a federal pension insurance, but also a sickness insurance institution.
  • As a health care insurer Knappschaft is gem. ยง 4 para. 1 SGB V is a legal body governed by public law, which has a local government.
  • Who's public health insurance at the Miners, who can also take part in the elections to their self-governing bodies. The representatives of the insured are elected every six years into the self-governing bodies.
  • As a public body, the miners' health insurance carrier can give as a statute.
  • In this Statute shall apply, inter alia, provisions for the self-governing bodies, the insured persons and the benefits of health insurance, nursing insurance and pension insurance.

Health insurance benefits

  • As the miners' health insurance will initially offer its members the solid given power spectrum of a public health insurance.
  • Since the insurance companies compete for members, you can offer it to additional services or bonus programs.
  • Even with the miners' there is a bonus program, the members for the use of screening tests and participation in health courses rewarded.

The German Pension Insurance for Miners underground lake is not only support the pension, but also public health insurance.

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