The mountain in Berchtesgaden Weather - Information

The mountain in Berchtesgaden Weather - Information

The weather changes quickly in Berchtesgaden.

Berchtesgaden is located deep in the south-eastern Germany in a region in which show the peaks of the Alps imposing her face clearly. The Mountain weather can exhibit extremely friendly mine to a photo opportunity - or a term gran face.

The Mountain weather in the autumn and winter

  • Berchtesgaden is located at 572 meters above sea level and the mountains of the Alps are located in close proximity to the community. Autumn is perfect for long trips. The mountain weather in the region keeps up with downpours and thunderstorms something back, and if you're lucky, you get even two weeks at a time without a drop from the sky.
  • Temperatures range between the fall an average of 10 to 15 degrees, with the thermometer quite happy times heading to the 20-degree mark in September. The climate in Berchtesgaden is a mountain climate with all its facets. The mountain weather often changes quickly and where we just see the sun seemed from the blue sky, pulling at breakneck speed on storm clouds.
  • Winter is snowy and cold. On average, the white stuff falls to 14 to 16 days from the sky - and in huge quantities. With hiking there is nothing in the winter, because you'll have to wrap up the ski or sled. Temperatures range as the minus 8 to plus 2 degrees, but you can expect stricter frost days well.

Berchtesgaden in spring and summer

  • In spring, the birds can still so lovely twittering and still be heaven so promising clear that changes occasionally fast. Extreme weather fluctuations are not uncommon. Although the snow on your hike is perhaps no longer lie in May, but it could still be slippery. 16 to 18 days of rain holds the spring for you, but this may also include a small storm with a tiny shower.
  • The summer in Berchtesgaden is especially gorgeous. If nature is finally awakened from hibernation and everything is in full bloom, the Mountain weather - still uncertain. Although you can enjoy the mountain sun at 23 degrees, but it always will in average 16 to 17 rain days per month. Therefore, you should on a hike along the Hohenstaufen or in the National Park always have a raincoat.
  • A good time to dive into the mountains, are the huts. People familiar with its unpredictable weather, and when the huts are open, at least the Mountain weather is likely to be without risk a Scrambling, concerning.
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