The nasal septum sent - Find out more about the surgery for snoring

The nasal septum sent - Find out more about the surgery for snoring

Also beautiful noses can snore.

Problems with the nasal septum

  • Are you a snorer snores or your partner, you should check with the ear, nose and throat doctor whether the nasal septum has grown straight and evenly.
  • In addition to the malformed nasal septum, the turbinates form from too great. These are cavities that are inside of your nose.
  • In addition to snoring and other symptoms such as frequent sinus infections, colds, almond or middle ear infections, and respiratory distress may occur.
  • Is the change in your nose pronounced way you can enjoy only in certain circumstances your life.
  • Does your doctor malformation determine the cost of the surgery by your health insurance to be paid. This is not a cosmetic procedure - you would have to pay the costs.
  • The ENT doctor will look at your nose with an endoscope, a thin tube with a tiny camera on the end, inside.

Correction of the olfactory organ

  • Are only small corrections are necessary, the procedure can take place outpatient policy. Must be removed or directed bone tissue it, you should be prepared for a few days stay in the hospital.
  • Do you snore due to a sharp change in the nasal septum, the intervention is likely done for you in general anesthesia.
  • After the doctor has removed the nasal mucosa, he can replace the excess pieces in your nasal septum. It is possible then removed something, edited, and is then worked again. For this purpose, there are many ways and devices that can be used to do so.
  • Corrected much on the nose, a bar of silicon is often appropriate, but which will be removed after about two weeks.
  • Also tampons are often set in operations in the nose. Since your nasal mucosa is very well supplied with blood that help tampons to stop the bleeding. On the day after the procedure they are removed. Many people are very much afraid of the drawing, however, many patients describe it as very unpleasant. Pain is rarely seen.
  • If the operation was successful, your snoring is now a thing of the past, or at least occur only alleviated.
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