The security certificate on the server is not valid yet - Tips

The security certificate on the server is not valid yet - Tips

Certificates increase security on the Internet.

On the date which shows you your PC, you may often pay no attention. Therefore it does not fall on often, when - after about a change in the notebook battery - no longer correct. Error messages about not valid certificates you can but point out the problem.

Cause that the security certificate is not valid

The error message "The security certificate on the server is not yet valid" can occur if you want to login to an online account, such as YouTube.

  • The same can also happen if you just want to open certain websites, such as Facebook, your Free Mail Service or eBay.
  • It happens that those pages are not displayed or that they are misrepresented as missing its images and banners.
  • Is completed, the error message will not yet valid certificate of the server is usually made of pointing out that no information is available regarding the trustworthiness and that it is not possible to continue loading the web service.
  • Often the cause that the time your PC is set incorrectly. This can be the case if you have these for repair and was then forget to update the date, or if you have this adjusted himself accidentally. Even after changing the battery in the notebook may be incorrectly set the time.

The problem often is based on it that your computer displays the date and also transfers to the online service that is in the past or even back several years. In this case, use the browser that lets you get online, not the current security certificate Once the website or online application.

Display web content correctly the server again

In order to correctly display the contents of the web server, it is necessary that you update the stored in your PC system time. It is not accurate to the second, but the hours and especially the date should be right so that the security certificate is accepted.

  • This change can either be made by clicking the bottom right of the system clock with the right mouse button (taskbar), and the "Date / Change time" Select or by double-clicking the same with the left mouse button on the displayed time.
  • In the following menu you can update the information on year, month, day and time. Alternatively, it is also possible in the Control Panel. Call them on (often in the Start menu, see "Settings" or "Accessories") and get there the "Date and Time".
  • In many cases it is necessary to the changes that you are logged on to the computer as an administrator. Otherwise, results in an error message telling you that you do not have the necessary rights to change the date.
  • Do you want to ensure that the security certificate of the server is detected as being available so you will need to log on to your PC as either Admin or - if you have only limited rights - ask someone for help, who can perceive the administrator rights.
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