Thermomix TM 41 - knowing about the blender model

Thermomix TM 41 - knowing about the blender model

Kitchen gadgets are very important. © B.Stolze / Pixelio

The Thermomix TM 41 and its successors will differ considerably from the TM 31. It will probably be the case that more functions and technical innovations are to be found, which allow the device to be even more valuable. Such a kitchen helper is almost impossible to imagine through its various functions from the kitchen.

Thermomix TM 41 - the device is a highlight kitchen

  • Although the one who Thermomix TM 31 his own calls and the advantages of this device knows very well, looking forward to each model.
  • Since each of these devices has been extended to other functions, this will be the case in the next, and therefore very valuable for the so-called kitchen laity.

The functions of the Thermomix

  • The model has 12 different functions.
  • You can use it, for example, mix refreshing smoothies, by placing the fruit in advance for 2 hours in the refrigerator.
  • It is also possible, so make wonderful soups.
  • The unit chops and rasps nuts, herbs, carrots and even potatoes.
  • Grind is also no problem. You can grind grain into flour here even.
  • You can also produce a wide variety of doughs easily.
  • Through its steam cooking system, you can produce a complete menu easily here.
  • If you want to stir something, such as rice pudding or the like and this is done by the device easily.
  • In addition, you can make mayonnaise or whipped cream or melt chocolate without water.
  • Another highlight is integrated in the unit scale.

The Thermomix is ​​an all-round genius and makes the anticipation for every model such as the rise TM 41.

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