Thin legs - so you train your calves

Thin legs - so you train your calves

Muscular calves look sexy.

So thin legs are muscular

  • If you want your thin legs are muscular, it is important that you exercise your calves regularly. For this example, you should jog several times a week. This trains your calves and legs, stimulates the metabolism and is useful for the whole body. Look for smoothest possible surface. This is hard on the joints and calves on even more.
  • Also a good way to train your calves, is cycling. By stepping you get taut thighs and muscular calves, train your health, burn fat and save the environment. So you should think about to replace the car once more against the wheel.

How to train your calves

  • You can train your calves easily and without any devices in everyday life. Take for example the time when brushing your teeth. Ask hip-width down and walk on tiptoe. At the top you hold the tension for thirty seconds, release the and repeat the exercise then about 30 times.
  • Are also useful squats. You take it in turn a hip's position, hold the arms in front of your body and bend your knees. At the same stand on tiptoe. In the final position your butt should be very close to the ground. Four passes, each with twelve repetitions are sufficient in this case. Make sure that your back is straight and that your butt in the hunker down obliquely rearward lower, so that the knees do not extend beyond the toes.
  • Another exercise that helps to thin legs, is that you go only with one leg on tiptoe. Stick to a chair or the like and pull one leg to the knee. Go with the others now always on his toes, hold down the power and let the leg then drop again. This exercise should be carried out several times a week in four sets of twelve repetitions.
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