Thuraya XT - Informative

Thuraya XT - Informative

A satellite phone in remote areas provides a good coverage.

A satellite phone you usually need only when you are traveling frequently in regions or countries where a very poor network coverage of the mobile network is given. Make with such a phone connects via a satellite and can regardless of whether you are in a mobile radio hole or not the phone. Since both the phones and the call charges are more expensive than in the domestic mobile network, you should invest only active if you want to use it for business or if you travel a lot as an extreme athlete or adventurer.

The Thuraya XT is an outdoor phone

  • If you hold the Thuraya XT is the first time in hand, you will be reminded of a mobile phone of the 1990s. A great case with a small screen and a classic keyboard and an antenna above the phones bring the design of the phone.
  • There is an outdoor phone that has a protection against dust, cold and moisture. Note, however, that the phone is not suitable for diving or snorkeling, and indeed should not fall into the water. It only has a splash proof but not waterproof. In case of rain or rafting it must not be not protected separately.
  • The battery has a standby time of 80 hours, you can 6 hours at a time with a fully charged battery the phone. The capacity is 2520 mAh.
  • You can surf the device with GPRS speeds on the Internet. This means that you can send e-mails and faxes and receive. The writing of SMS is possible. The device also provides a calendar and a practical organizer. Also, an alarm clock is integrated.

The operation is based on the classic mobile

  • Would you talk on the satellite phone, this will not work, unlike a conventional mobile phone. Insert the SIM card that you get when you sign a contract with the company. Then upload to your phone and turn it on.
  • The machine selects a classic mobile phone keypad lets you memorize important names in a phone book. The display reduces reflections and can be read very well even in bright sunlight.
  • Logging into the satellite functions similarly to the network construction in mobile phone, but it may take a little longer. Whether the connection is successful, you will see on the graphic display.

You can equip the Thuraya XT with a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is small and lightweight and can allow you to log on a computer in the Internet, if not a mobile radio network is available.

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