Time difference Germany and America - Informative

Time difference Germany and America - Informative

Different times due to different time zones

The global time difference

The earth is divided into a total of 24 time zones, the basis of which can be found relatively easily in some place or the country in which what a time.

  • This time zone system is based on the determination that the Greenwich meridian is also the prime meridian of the earth.
  • This decision taken in 1884 at the International Meridian Conference decision not only had great influence on the development of new cards, but also for the division into time zones.
  • The Prime Meridian served from now on as a reference point for the division, so each time zone adds starting from it an hour or subtracted.
  • The time difference is thereby indicated on the coordinated universal time (Universal Time Coordinate, short UTC). This means UTC + 2 for example, that there is a time shift of two hours, and it is in this zone, two hours later.
  • The maximum time lag exists between time zones UTC and 12 UTC + 24, although they are on the same meridian, but have a time difference of 24 hours. So there is de facto the same time, however, a different one day date.

Difference between Germany and America

For the exact specification of the time difference between Germany and America are needed in any case the appropriate time zone.

  • In Germany, this is easy, because Germany is just in a time zone. This Central European Time (CET) is Coordinated Universal Time is one hour ahead (UTC + 1).
  • The subdivision of the United States, however, is more complex, as it has four time zones.
  • In the easternmost America is the Eastern Standard Time Zone which is abbreviated as EST. This has a time busbar five hours for the coordinated world time on (UTC-5), so there are a total of six hours of Germany.
  • This is followed by the Eastern Standard Time Zone (CST), which lies roughly between Chicago and Texas. The difference is more then an hour (UTC-6) or seven hours Central European Time Zone.
  • The area of ​​the southwestern states of the US and the Rocky Mountains are covered by the Mountain Standard Time Zone (MST). This is located seven hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and thus eight hours of the Central European Time Zone.
  • In the west of America is the Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST), which has total of 9 hours difference from CET.

Thus, Germany and America have a time lag between six and nine hours.

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