Time Lapse software - Information

Time Lapse software - Information

Through a lapse may arise great pictures.

Time Lapse is a term that you come across in photography. You can assemble photos into a movie and play it in motion. You must photograph images so that they can be assembled in a sequence and result in a remarkable film.

Time Lapse requires matching photos

  • Before you can use the program, you must first create the appropriate photos. The images should fit together in their subject and in their subject, otherwise it is not possible to create a movie from the images and display this in motion.
  • Before you schedule a time-lapse movie, you should take a photo series that you can connect later. Best suited for a digital SLR camera that can shoot a rapid sequence of photographs. High-quality compact cameras for this purpose also questioned.
  • You should use a tripod for shooting. Only then make sure that you constantly shoot the correct image.
  • Save the picture sets in a folder so you have these available if you want to use the program. In a time-lapse movie motives should generally match. Accordingly, you should create the folder.

The software you get for PC and Mac

  • Software for Time Lapse can be used for installation on a Windows PC, but the programs are also available for the Mac. Before you decide to purchase or download, you should look at the software included with your camera. Do you own a digital SLR, such software may be located at this.
  • A good freeware for Mac can be downloaded from the Internet. For Windows PCs, there are several programs that help you create time-lapse videos.

Save the images from the effects as a new photo. You will be amazed by the results.

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