Timing during sports - Informative

Timing during sports - Informative

Hand-stopping is rarely used in professional athletics.

The development of time measurement

While in previous sports competitions took place a timed run over the hand-stopping of the judges, is in today's competitions usually the electronic timing first choice.

  • The background to this development is the fact that, in the hand-stopping human reaction time plays an important role.
  • So it is always possible that, firstly, a competitor a few tenths of a second faster than in reality, because the judges have too late and start the stopwatch, and on the other hand, several judges determine a different time.
  • Tests have shown that electronically measured times (slow =) depending on the route between approximately one and three tenths of a second worse. Therefore, for example increased at a time when a hand stopped 400 meters by 0.14 seconds.
  • Moreover, it is often the case that when a hand time two referees same time and another a different time have identified. In this case, the majority of the time is counted.
  • Recently must also be kept in mind that sporting event with many participants a manual measurement is impractical, so always the electronic time recording comes into play in such cases.

Different approaches to sports competitions

In sports contests two different procedures for electronic time and attendance are mainly distinguished:

  • If relatively few athletes participate in a tournament, the times are normally determined using a pistol and a light barrier. When starting the crack of the gun, which is recognized as a pulse from a computer, which then starts the timer sounds. If the athlete then crosses the finish line, this is detected by a light barrier so that the computer will stop the timer.
  • For major events such as a marathon each participant exactly it zuordnungsbares transponder signal triggers when crossing the start and finish line, which starts the recording time or just stops. If it is in such competitions and it is essential that the athlete does not leave the track, GPS-based systems are used instead.
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