To renovate real estate - it should look for when buying

To renovate real estate - it should look for when buying

To renovate homes are no ruins.

For refurbishment or in need of rehabilitation objects

To renovate properties usually have no major damage to the building fabric, but only need to be embellished and are updated to reflect the latest technology.

  • The cost of these measures are usually well planned, are often financed through low-interest loans and can be made over a longer period of time.
  • Of an insolvency case through to scrap property is when already present massive damage to the building and must be traded quickly because sponge and mold already eaten the masonry. The costs caused by such properties are virtually incalculable.

Detecting whether the property must only be renovated

Before you buy, take on security with a professional. While this will cost some money, but it will protect you from a bad buy, which will cost considerably more.

  • A leaking roof, drafty windows and an older heating system is not a problem, because those are the quirks that you must always reckon with renovation property.
  • It is important to know whether only a few bricks need to be replaced, or if the entire roof needs to be replaced. Here a carpenter is certainly welcome to come along and make you a free quote. Consider doing the same, the roof can be removed and should be.
  • Damp walls, whose cause is not obvious, for example, due to lack of roof tiles, you should always make skeptical. Although some walls appear to have been painted recently. While the other walls have old paint, which is an indication of unexplained moisture damage. Do not buy clarified before, is that why is damp.
  • Go after the nose. Does it smell musty in the house? Remove the smell of mold was? Everything bad sign, probably there are massive moisture damage. Try to go without much advance in the house, so the seller can not sell the telltale odor by intensive ventilation.
  • With lines that are soon go broke, you have to rely on getting an older home. Since it is irrelevant whether some lines already have damage. You should already quickly renew the lines.
  • About Beat the total cost of the property, purchase price, additional costs of purchase, renewal of all lines, replacement of windows and roof. Assume that all this will soon be necessary, unless the seller has made quite a bit self-renew.
  • Costs can be easily determined by estimates of local artisans. This is not an additional structural damage must be repaired, you should consult a surveyor.

If you are in need of renovation note that real estate is a good investment.

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