Traditional Costumes in Berlin - Insider Tips for buying costumes

Traditional Costumes in Berlin - Insider Tips for buying costumes

In Berlin, there are traditional and funky style fashion. © Manfred_Walker / Pixelio

The costume fashion capital

  • In Berlin, there are some addresses that you go if you want to buy a dirndl or other traditional costumes. Here you will find traditional and unusual models.
  • Depending on what you should have, you can also get information on the Internet about the available models in the pages of this shop.
  • An address that is worth a visit in any case, if you are looking for traditional, traditional costumes, Angermaier is at the Hofbräuhaus.
  • Heinrich fashion & costume Müllerstraße 59 is a shop offering traditional costumes and essential accessories. In addition, see the Walnut Street 8 J Boutique, which also leads Dirndl outfit.

Naughty costumes in Berlin

  • A shop for very naughty and young style fashion is blood siblings in Berlin Kreuzberg in the Kreuzbergstraße 30th
  • If you are looking for something really out of the ordinary, you should visit the store flagship store in Oderbergerstraße 53 in Prenzlauer Berg. There you will find mainly clothes in folklore look that combines well can also contribute to the Oktoberfest.
  • There is freaky costume designer costume shop in the International Wardrobe Store in Almstadtstraße 50. A branch of the International Wardrobe Store, the pop-p Store is also available in the Rosa Luxembourg Straße 15 in Berlin Mitte. There you will find mainly in dirndl folklore style.
  • The Berlin Dirndl, the costume collection of different designers there in the cult shop Friendly Society. The various parts of the collection combine traditional and funky fashion. Definitely worth a visit if you are in exceptional design.

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