Train driver's license - Vocational and classes

Train driver's license - Vocational and classes

Engineer is a responsible job.

There are professions that cause great admiration for the people. This includes but one captain undoubtedly an engine driver. What both have in common is a great responsibility. As the leader of a train or locomotive you have to prove your skills with a train driver's license. Since the tasks are very broad, but that it is divided into different classes.

This task is required with the train driver's license

  • The training for drivers lasts three years and is divided into a practical and a theoretical part. The course is divided into different areas. There you will learn the organizational tasks of the company as well as dealing with any problems. Other components include the implementation of security measures, as well as the knowledge of the railway and railway tracks. The examination, operation and control of the different engine vehicles is one of the essential elements of the training.
  • The starting salary is around 2,000 euros gross. Depending on the location and activity later it rises up to about 2700 euros gross. In addition, there still any allowances and bonuses (as of 2013).
  • A train driver has different tasks. It can be used in rail transport to drive locomotives or railcars. This can be done in local or long-distance traffic as well as traffic.
  • As a rule, both people and goods are transported. If you want to work in this profession, you can at railway companies as well as subway and trains.
  • If you want to be active in the traffic, you can do so at different companies with industrial railways. Here, for example, in mining companies or port operations.
  • You are responsible for the smooth running of rail transport. Also you can always check the car service your engine or your railcar. In addition, you are responsible for the coupling of trains. The shunting of trains is also part of your tasks.
  • The job description of an engine driver in traffic and a passenger looks different. In the traffic you are mostly responsible for the internal movement of goods or raw materials. In passenger you are responsible people, in compliance with all safety regulations, to transport from one place to another place.
  • In this work a very good physical and mental resilience is required. Willingness to work shifts is required. To get the train driver's license, you need a three-year training for railway workers / in train drivers and transport.

The train driver's license and his classes

  • The train driver's license is divided into three classes. The training and certification of the categories of licenses resulting from the actual working environment of the candidate. In addition, the candidate must have completed 18 years of age. For Class 3 a minimum age of 20 years is assumed.
  • The Class 1 includes only shunting. It is your task to implement, train and or locomotives and railcars.
  • With the Class 2 may route networks, but none of the government-owned railways, traveled with goods and people. This includes, for example, an S-Bahn network or privately operated railways. She closes with a class 1.
  • With the Class 3 are permitted to enter all private and public railway networks, including the Deutsche Bahn. The class includes both class 1 and class 2, with.
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