Transfer to the UK - how it works

Transfer to the UK - how it works

Exchange rate fluctuations affect the transfer to England.

England is not one of the EU countries but to the euro-countries, England, therefore, does not have the euro, but the British pound as its currency. This is exactly what it is in the transfer observed. You should just close to the receiver of the transfer currency in which the transfer is to take place.

A transfer in Euro

  • A transfer in Euro is the handiest for you, since you can use a standard EU transfer. This requires you to only the IBAN and BIC enter data about the recipient and the amount in euros in the EU transfer form, then send it and already the transfer is done. It should be noted that the transfer amount may not be higher than 50.000 €.
  • Receives the english receiving bank is now the transfer, you will be credited in pounds converted and the recipient's account. Thus, the receiver is at risk because of the amount of the current daily rate is converted, it may cause differences.
  • There are two other advantages on the part of the EU standard transfer. First, the cost would be, according to bank costs an EU standard transfer a few cents or free of charge. Second would be the practical aspect mentioned, as an EU standard transfer You can also make online.

Remit to England in pounds

  • In a transfer in pounds are the benefits on the part of the recipient. You must make a bank transfer. You can not perform online and the cost is about 10 € or more, it depends on the particular bank usually. Again, you need the IBAN and BIC of the receiver but the amount must be reported in pounds.
  • Not only the cost is a disadvantage, but also the Convert can have a negative impact for you. Since also the current exchange rate is converted, it can happen that you pay more than planned. But do not worry, these fluctuations are moving mostly in the cent range, the difference does not fall so much in a transfer significant.
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