Treat Fußnagelpilz properly - how it works

Treat Fußnagelpilz properly - how it works

An Athlete's foot is very unpleasant.

How to treat your Fußnagelpilz

In general, you can see the Fußnagelpilz very quickly.

  • He has whitish, sometimes yellowish spots, which form under the nail layer. Also black bars may be visible. Under the nail, a cavity forms. The nail athlete's foot does not bother because it does not itch or hurt. But he looks very unsightly.
  • If you find such a nail with him, a specialist is called for. For the diagnosis always the dermatologist should be responsible. It can refer nail samples and then create a culture so that it can determine the exact type of fungus.
  • A proper treatment should not necessarily take place. Only when the fungus is detected, a specific treatment is possible. The dermatologist will prescribe appropriate treatment with creams or so-called nail polishes.
  • If you engage in any treatment, the nail may thicken and replace. Sometimes medications are necessary.
  • Unfortunately, the patient must pay the therapy for the Fußnagelpilz. The health insurance only pays for the medical treatment.
  • So go to the doctor as soon as possible. The treatment can be very lengthy, about one year.
  • Apply regularly to the agent. Continuous monitoring of the dermatologist are meaningful.
  • Treat your shoes with best disinfectant and do not wear synthetic socks.
  • A Fußnagelpilz can capture everyone. Especially in saunas or swimming pools, the pests cavort like. Mushrooms like the water and a warm and humid climate. Wear just in sports facilities always slippers.
  • Use only your own towel, out of consideration for your loved ones. Air out your shoes well and hire the best from no - especially if you are prone to the Fußnagelpilz.

If you prevent, will thank you for your feet, and when the nail fungus is diagnosed early and treated, the cure rate is very high. The sooner the better.

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