TV in the bathroom - so protect it from moisture

TV in the bathroom - so protect it from moisture

Build a TV cabinet for the bathroom.

Cut the cabinet for the TV in the bathroom

As probably often been going gets very wet in the bathroom, build a cabinet that will keep the water from the TV. If you follow these instructions, you may in the future continue to watch TV in the bath.

  1. Since your cabinet for the TV, will build veneered particle board, so you should first set up the two side plates A 1 and A 2 are cut.
  2. Next, the head and foot plate and a clipboard A 1 are tailored to A 3.
  3. Next, the holes for the floors, of the bathroom cabinet, drilled in the side parts. At the 60 cm sides, the side parts get 1 cm from the top and bottom of each drilled 6 holes.
  4. Then, 60 cm from the top are each drilled 6 holes again for the shelf in each side panel.
  5. Next, cut a 5 mm thick Plexiglas on the measure 60 cm x 74 cm.
  6. After drilling all the holes you cut short with a wood-lowering agents. Lower so deep that no more then screw heads protruding from the wood.

The bathroom gets a new piece of furniture

This allows you to integrate the TV in the bathroom in the closet, you should now consist same.

  1. So you create a page just part of your workbench and pass you on the inside wood glue along your holes. The glue should be spread evenly in a 2 cm wide strip over the holes.
  2. Then set the top plate, the base plate and the clipboard to vertical.
  3. Then tighten all floors through the drilled holes with the side panel.
  4. After the soil is permanently rotating screw the second side panel in the same way.
  5. When the glue has dried, you can stick to the front of the bathroom cabinet for your TV the Plexiglas with a special glue.
  6. Then back drilling and screw the plate to the bathroom cabinet.
  7. From the inside, spritz the disc then with silicone and finished the cabinet for your TV.

When drilling, you should wear eye protection.

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