TV presenter - content

TV presenter - content

The salary of a TV presenter can be very different.

Professional TV presenter

A TV presenter can work in many areas.

  • Who moderates for television, news journals, sports, shows, cultural programs, comedy events, political magazines, gossip shows, quiz shows, teleshopping or call-in contests can moderate. The activities and the related requirements can therefore be very different.
  • Very different from the entry requirements may be. In many areas of higher education and usually also a trainee is expected. A suitable study may be a study of journalism, but also many humanities or social sciences often result in the profession, such as political science, history, German or English language and literature. However, there are also several Moderator jobs that are occupied by non-academics. Skills such repartee or the gift to present themselves and to appeal to a certain audience may be more important than a sound education.

The salary - depends on many factors

The salary of a TV presenter depends on many different factors. The training and the level of a program to play this does not necessarily matter.

  • Those who practice the profession may be permanently employed or freelance. However, the content depends not only, but also of the prominence, that is, whether a moderator is its own brand, whether it attracts many viewers and whether it is sought after by other stations.
  • The Employment Agency cites the example of a basic gross salary for the work in television or radio, Booth 2013 2504-2804 euros a month. Allowances and bonuses can be added. Once a moderator has, however, made a name and is popular, which of course also helps moderated by sending him to popularity, he may prove his notoriety market and extract high fees for themselves. Sums that move in the mid six figures, are not uncommon. If he does become the brand and can flirt with very good offers from other stations, the fees can run into the millions.

The compensation can thus be drastically different.

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