Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7 - how it works

Uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7 - how it works

Internet Explorer can not be removed completely. © Tom_Kleiner / Pixelio

The Internet Explorer browser or alternative

A browser is the program you need to move around on the internet can, or to make the contents visible.

  • Deals for such browsers can be found mostly free on the internet, or simply use those to you Windows has already installed as standard tools on the computer. It meets all current safety standards and is also linked with the Microsoft Update service regularly updated. Of course there are good alternatives. This is especially the freeware Firefox mentioned.
  • Firefox is a browser whose source code is freely available and is therefore constantly improved by many users and developers. Vulnerabilities here often closed within minutes after the occurrence. Another alternative, which is why you may be considering, Internet Explorer on Windows 7 uninstall could be Opera.

Uninstalling on Windows 7

  1. To uninstall Internet Explorer 7 on Windows, you go through the Control Panel. This can be reached by clicking the bottom left of the taskbar, click the icon and select the appropriate entry on the right.
  2. Before continuing, close all running and background applications where this is possible. You will find in the Control Panel "Programs and Options" option. It will open another window where you services of Windows will appear shortly.
  3. Remove the check mark next to the entry of the Explorer. Depending on your time and update behind even a corresponding version number. The following course you will receive a warning message that you must confirm, to continue and bring to a conclusion.

With uninstall the whole program is not removed completely. Internet Explorer is the only factory-installed installation is rolled back and its use is no longer possible. A complete removal would affect the regulated entities, because the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer use Windows program parts together.

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