Urbanization in dementia - Information for patients

Urbanization in dementia - Information for patients

In a shared apartment, each taking care of everyone, which gives security.

If your loved one is suffering from dementia, he is at a certain point no longer able to live alone. You have the option to take him in, which can be a huge burden but, or enter it in a nursing home, but this is often not made just for their own parents so much. Need a room would be a very good alternative.

How the residential community

  • The residential community of three to ten people living in a household. It can be either an apartment or a house.
  • In general, not only dementia patients are in the flat, but this is mixed. Thus, there is a possibility that the healthy residents also a little worry about the gebrechlicheren.
  • An ambulatory care service passes as needed once or several times a day, administered the medication helps in hygiene or do the housework.
  • If cooking is no longer possible, you can also order a food service that comes and then hot food is on the table.
  • Residents have the advantage in a residential community that they live there like in their own homes. Everyone has their own room and the nursing staff is there just visiting. Just giving many the feeling of independence. As more people live in the same household, arises above all a sense of belonging together.
  • The cost of the rent will be paid as before by the pension. The cost of the nursing staff are paid at a level of care from the care allowance. The cost of food and Community things are thrown from the pension of each individual in a pot and paid jointly.

This is important in dementia

  • Especially people with dementia can be very aggressive when changes are pending under certain circumstances. They love a regulated process. This is granted in a shared flat in any case.
  • If a person is at risk of running away, placement in a home makes sense, because there are also stations whose doors can only be opened by the nursing staff.
  • Mute the one people with dementia not too much. In the beginning, these are very insecure because they do not know what happened to them, they can connect only apathetic sitting on a chair. It is useful when one tries to such people, there are therapists who perform occupational therapy and just give people a sense of security.

A residential community can be useful for people with dementia.

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