Use respiratory mask properly - how it works

Use respiratory mask properly - how it works

Respirators provide you with oxygen.

To record the oxygen

  • To be able to absorb the oxygen in case of emergency ambulance services are used masks in order to provide you as quickly as possible and effectively.
  • Even with a respiratory arrest an Ambu bag comes with the respirator used. So you can be helped most effectively by being ventilated by an Ambu bag.
  • If you require continuous oxygen, is usually a nasal probe in use. This is more comfortable to wear as a mask and gives you the ability to fully participate in life. It's difficult enough to have to move to an oxygen bottle. Then it's a relief, without a mask to get the oxygen.

Breathing mask for protection from toxins

  • There are also other masks are intended to provide assistance with environmental disasters and other toxins, which could be exposed. The application of such masks should be ensured that no toxins penetrate to you and be inhaled.
  • For contact poisons this is not necessary, as they move, for example, through the skin into the bloodstream. Here are the types mask does not protect. The poison can enter through the skin into the body.
  • Respirator use the firefighters to protect to get to the fire. With severe respiratory protective equipment they go to the fire in order to delete it locally.
  • Such masks are also required when a disaster has happened in the silo. You can not go without the protection of species to rescue members or other persons. They bring himself only in danger and may even crash.

When gases or toxins play a role, you should always make an emergency call. Our telephone number is 112 of these at any time and free of charge feasible.

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