Vito Extra Long - Find out the model

Vito Extra Long - Find out the model

Compact transporters are often hergenommen for removals.

These versions are offered from Vito Extra Long

  • The Mercedes Vito Extra Long is available in three versions: a van to the pure transport of tools or goods (is usually made by craftsmen and carriers), a so-called Mixto, ie a mixture of Transportation and Limousine with 5 full seats and as a combination of up to 9 seats, which is intended for the pure passenger transport.
  • The Mercedes Vito in the extra-long version with a wheelbase of 3.43 meters, which particularly benefits the passengers. The car is also just 5.30 long, surpassing most sedans. There is also the Vito as compact and long in all three aforementioned variants (panel van, Mixto and wagon).
  • The curb weight of the extra-long Vito, Mercedes with just under 2 tons, the allowable load according to the manufacturer just over a ton. Despite the 9 seats is still 1 cubic meter of storage space available, this is enough for a couple of suitcases and bags. Must also on the roof, in the case of roof rails, still find 150 kilograms of luggage space.

The engine of the Mercedes Vito

  • Except for a variant of the Vito come exclusively diesel engines are used, which (in 110) range from 70 hp up to 165 hp (at 122). In between rank two other engines, the 113 (100 hp) and 116 (120 hp), which must be ordered also optionally available with all-wheel drive.
  • As the only petrol engine comes to Vito a V6 gasoline engine is used, which is 190 hp. This is called Vito 126. The Benzinervariante does not come with all-wheel drive, but is only driven by the rear wheels.
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