Vote carburetor

Vote carburetor

Fine-tuning the carburetor optimal

The carburetor on your bike, you can relatively easily even match. This requires no special tools and gauges are usually required. The adjustments but you should only perform in engines that are already running a bit hot.

How you manage the default setting for Carburettor

  1. Before you tune the carburetor of your motorcycle, you should clean the air filter thoroughly. Depending on the design of the air filter, you can tap out the use or cleaning with a compressor and blow gun.
  2. In the next step, you need to set the backlash of the throttle cable. To do draw a line with chalk on the throttle grip and the throttle housing. Now, when you turn the throttle, the engine speed should only increase once between the two marks, a distance of about 2 mm is present. The game required you can adjust the adjusting screw of the cable.
  3. Then tighten the two set screws on the carburetor until it stops and open it again 1 1/2 turns. The adjustment, in which a spring is, you should not adjust.

So you are able to tune the optimal setting

  1. After you have made the basic settings, the engine should start easily. Then you can begin tuning the setting.
  2. You should use the screw with the spring screw in something. This is the screw that you can adjust the idle speed. For optimum adjustment of the carburetor a slightly higher idle speed is advantageous.
  3. One of the two adjustment screws, which is usually marked with the letter L, then turn gently to the left until the engine quickly increases the fast idle speed. This screw regulates the idle air. If it is too wide open, the mixture becomes lean when accelerating. Then the engine stops most. If the screw is closed too far, the engine sputters and there is dark smoke from the exhaust.
  4. The second adjusting screw, which is sometimes indicated by a H, regulates the mixing ratio of air and fuel. This screw should then either something in or out turning. You should do until the engine runs smoothly and leaves no more smoke from the exhaust.
  5. In the last step you need to rotate only the Standgaseinstellschraube time again until the engine idles smoothly and evenly. In a single cylinder engine, the idle speed should be about 900 revolutions per minute. In two-cylinder engines, it can also be 1200 revolutions per minute.

The carburettor adjustment is therefore not so difficult. However, you need some patience and a bit of flair.

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