Wasps under a roof tile - what to do?

Wasps under a roof tile - what to do?

Wasps are useful but annoying. © JPW._Peters / Pixelio

Wasp nest under the roof like

  • A dry, dark place among components, as bad as possible accessible under the roof tiles and thus relatively safe, this is the ideal place to pick up like wasps build their nests. But rather unsuitable situations they often hold not stop them from settling domestic.
  • The construction is determined by the queen, who survived as only the winter under a shelter. In the initial phase, you have the best chance to remove the nest because it is still small. Depending on the size of the people, a hornet's nest have up to 5 liters.
  • The destruction of wasps is prohibited under the Nature Conservation Act. Wasps have a permanent place to maintain the ecological balance. As long as the inconvenience remain in the frame, you should try to come to terms with them. Respond left to individual animals and pay attention when eating sweets or fruit outside on the parasite.

To clear a nest on the roof tiles

Wasp nests have the entrance hole always at the bottom of the page. They consist of a paper-like mass that is layered over each other exaggerated. The attachment point can be cut easily, so the nest can then be transported.

  1. Cover your whole body with a protective suit as a beekeeper. Wait for the darkness, then all wasps are in the nest.
  2. Evert a bag, a dense network or a plastic bag from underneath the nest. Disconnect the nest then the tile with a knife and seal the container tightly.
  3. Now you should transport the prey gently and expose the nest in nature under caution again. You try at least 2km between the two sites to bring, so that the animals can not find back again.

The people enters after the summer and each queen is looking in the new year a new nesting site.

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