Water bubble at the bottom - so please respond properly

Water bubble at the bottom - so please respond properly

Bubbles make hiking to the ordeal.

Painful water bubble - that may be the cause

  • Water bubbles on the foot caused by friction. In most cases, the wrong shoes or slipping stockings are the reason for painful bladder image extension.
  • The water bladder can occur on your heel, but also under the foot or on the toes.
  • The friction the bubble forms because dissolves the top layer of skin and tissue fluid forms. The tissue fluid serves to protect the underlying tissue and ensures that no bacteria or dirt get on the saddle sore.

Treat blisters at the foot properly

If you have a water bladder, decides the size on the treatment. Small blisters on foot, you should leave the best heal in peace. You do not need special treatment, but mostly dry out within a week of its own.

  1. For large, very painful blisters, you can open the blister. For this purpose, you should use a sterile needle from the first aid kit or pharmacy to avoid contamination, from which can be severe inflammation.
  2. Take for expressions of lymph best two sterile compresses to help and disinfect the skin before and after with a skin disinfectant spray.
  3. For covering the empty water blister on foot - to avoid infection - special blister plasters from a pharmacy or drug store are just the ticket. Simultaneously promote healing and reduce the pressure and your pain.
  4. The skin that occurs when you open the bladder, it is best not to remove. Thus, the resulting wound is better protected.
  5. Avoid pressure or friction on the bladder until it is completely healed. Has your bladder ignited despite all care, you should consult a doctor.
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