WDDM - Informative

WDDM - Informative

The WDDM is used in Windows.

Informative for WDDM

  • Windows Vista is the successor to XP and offers first novel optical possibilities. Microsoft has also introduced the WDDM with this operating system and thereby made the graphical advantages of Vista possible. If you have only worked with older Windows systems, such as with 2000 or XP, then you will be at least a striking impression of the Aero interface.
  • The Windows Display Driver Model is support this operating various graphic effects that will give you Windows 7 and 8 also noticed in Vista, immediately. They include, among other things, the "milk glass design" of the windows and the other optical highlights.
  • With the WDDM driver architecture and a matching graphics adapter, but you can use other functions. The interface allows you, for example, corrections for gamma value if you want to play videos and can use your GPU multitasking (corresponding hardware required).

The Windows Display Driver Model in use

  • Since the introduction of Windows Vista WDDM in many years have passed and soon you can use Windows 8.1 (August 2013). Do you have Windows 7 or 8, so please contact with these systems, of course, the Windows Display Driver Model available. Version 1.1 can be used in 7, version 1.2 comes in 8 for use with Windows 8.1, you can use the version 1.3 in the future.
  • Over the years, Microsoft has its driver architecture and further improved with newer operating systems, you are open to more possibilities. While you could use in Vista only certain graphics cards with WDDM, you should be able to use 7 or 8 almost every card in Windows.
  • Especially in high-performance graphics cards from AMD or NVIDIA enjoy an attractive appearance without large performance degradation. Do you have an older graphics card and use Windows Vista, you should disable the Aero theme to improve performance quite better.
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